Virago monoshock upgrade

Imagine being asked to build a custom bike for a hitman. So you were asked to build a motorcycle for a feature film. How did that come about? We met at his studio and he showed me one of the shootout scenes.

Sunny describes the antagonist as cool, calculated and ruthless. I wanted it to look harsh and battle scarred, but very personal as well — like this guy forged it to fit him like a suit of armor. The other thing I was going for was to make it look modern and old at the same time — a futuristic antique, if that makes any sense. First of all the battery is mounted under the tank in a specially fabricated bracket. To charge or heaven forbid jumpstart the bike, I ran a positive lead to a special tab under the tail section.

No need to remove the tank. The wiring harness was shortened by about 70 percent and tucked under the tank as well. Your day job is advertising.

When did you work out you had the skills to build bikes? Is it something you have always done? I actually convinced the agency to let me build a short track car and race it a few years back. That was ridiculous. Most recently I built an intercooled turbo minivan that is the ultimate sleeper.

That van taught me many new ways to break stuff. The auto skills translate pretty well to bikes, but I spent all summer building bikes alongside my college buddy Greg Ownby who was a bike mechanic for 10 years. With my real job being so busy, it took me probably eight months to get it where it is. I actually think the bike is very comfortable.

Believe it or not, I actually sought out a Virago. Go figure. The early ones like this had a monoshock which gives me a lot of flexibility when determining the lines of the bike. I can drop a solo seat way down near the tire or keep it up high like a sport bike.

I went for the latter because it seemed more purposeful and went with the new front end nicely. Apart from Sunny being inspired by your XVwas it an open brief? Can you give us some details about the build?

How long did it take to build the XV?

Yamaha XV1000 XV920 Cafe Racer Custom Exhaust Sound

Lastly, I have to ask, why did you choose a Virago as the donor bike? Anything else?

virago monoshock upgrade

Virago XV Yamaha. Related Bikes. Merry Christmas. Search for:. Subscribe Get the latest custom bikes sent to you via email as soon as we post them.

Like us on Facebook. Load More Follow on Instagram. All rights reserved.The Hagon shock absorbers were developed to improve driving comfort and safety of your bike. They are designed to have a marked improvement in the dynamic qualities and have great reliability, equal to the number of shocks, but with the advantage of being regenerable. Perfectly interchangeable with the original, the Hagon shock absorbers, are a viable alternative to the standard, thanks to competitive prices.

Hel Lines. Add to Cart. One of the best shock upgrades you can have for your Yamaha Virago XV! Red powder coated spring, fully progressive spring pre-load adjustment.

We order them for you. Not a problem : Greater Security. Perfect set. Increased grip in wet and dry. Excellent grip. Feeling more.

virago monoshock upgrade

Excellent shock absorption. Comfort at the highest levels. The suspension is the fundamental part of the chassis and suspension are good to excellent driving skills. Related Items. Choose shock length, measured center to center mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm. Choose shock length, measured center to center.For those of you who like the way your bike rides, your task is easy.

Do your maintenance—which consists mainly of changing your fork oil periodically and checking your rear shocks for blown out rubber bushings and general function. But for those of you who have a deeper interest in Virago suspension systems, or have a problem such as leaking fork seals, you may want to read on—at least until you find the point you are looking for, or fall asleep, whichever comes first.

As we go through this it will be helpful here to have a manual handy with a blow-up of the parts of a fork. Or download one of the blow-ups linked above.

These forks have five main parts:. The fork tubes mount to the bike by means of the triple tree clamps at the top and bottom of the steering head tube. While they do turn, they move with the frame, and are essentially part of the bike. The fork springs inside the fork tube hold the lower legs in position and allow them to move upward when a bump is encountered, or downward in the case of a depression.

The damper rods control the motion of the lower legs and prevent them from going up or down too far or too fast as the lower legs move. It provides lubrication between the lower leg, and the fork tube, so that the leg can slide freely up and down.

And it is also the means by which the forks are damped. As the lower leg moves it forces this non-compressible fluid through holes in the damper rod, and in that way the motion of the lower leg is slowed somewhat and controlled.

In addition to the big 5, there are several other parts that you will see on your blowup that are of interest. That is, it acts like a rubber bumper. These do wear over time, and may start to leak. When this occurs they must be replaced, and this involves removing the forks from the bike and disassembling them, which we will touch on later.

They came with straight wound springs. More on springs later. A common question I get is: How much air should I add? NOTE: Be careful how you add air to these forks. The space inside is small, and a little puff goes a long way. To be accurate about it, you ought to find an air gauge that can handle these small psi pressures.

They are out there and not that hard to find. Early fork had to be filled individually. These are beefier than stock, and give a firmer but still comfortable ride, in my opinion. Sometime in the late eighties or early nineties Yamaha dropped the air feature from Virago forks, and air forks are a thing of the past today.

Fork tubes on these bikes measure 36mm. These were considered a little spindly for hard riding and some riders added fork braces to cut down on the flexing under hard cornering.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts New media Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Chat 2. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Virago monoshock. Thread starter winwin Start date Sep 17, So guys, if I buy this bike, it will be my first big bike, as well as my first project, now I don't have much resources so it will probably be better to keep as many parts as possible stock.

Virago 750 monoshock

So far what I can think of is changing the handlebars, changing the seat, the tank. Any other suggestions that are simple to do?

virago monoshock upgrade

Thing is, I'm in the southern part of Philippines, so it's hard to buy stuff here. I have to go to ebay, and bureau of customs her sucks.

I was looking at some finished projects and they all look awesome, esp with the huge V-twin and minimalist design. Here are some inspirations I've seen:. DohcBikes Fuck You. Most of the bikes you have pictured are 's, and several of them were built just for pictures. Take this one for example. DohcBikes said:. XVRacer New Member. I see you found the cap lock XVRacer said:.

Man you a freaking Debbie Downer. No where in his post did he state he has a dual shock. The title is monoshock. And of course you pick a bike YOU don't like. Maybe he likes it? What do you care? And the top bike is a OP head over to the Virago Tech Forum lots of friendly and helpful people there.

Also the motor will work fine when you drop the frontend. My forks are slid down one inch and I use an 18" front wheel.The Yamaha Virago XV is a motorcycle of classic style and grace. This page shows how we replace the stock V-twin engine and shaft drive with a Kawasaki KZ Police engine, swingarm, and rear wheel. The result is a bike that runs as good as it looks.

This is the Yamaha Virago XV in factory form. The One-liter V-twin engine forms the front and bottom of the frame. The model was a chrome and gold anniversary edition. Displacement went to cc for through the end of production in Once the engine and rear wheel are removed as a unit, we are left with plenty of room to install an alternative.

The KZ Police engine is plenty small to fit in the opening. Here the engine is mounted in a subframe that was cut from the police bike frame. This subframe attaches to the Virago frame, front and rear, with custom-made brackets. The Kawasaki swingarm and rear wheel assembly fits easily in place of the Yamaha unit.

The drive sprocket is on the left side, and the hydraulic disk brake is on the right. The Kawasaki swingarm attaches to the Virago swingarm pivot points by custom-made spacer brackets. A pivot shaft and two spacer bushings hold the Kawasaki swingarm between the two pivot shafts that screw into the Virago frame.

The Kawasaki subframe attaches to the Virago frame at the front and at the rear. The standard Virago front engine bracket top, black bolts to the specially-made bracket that holds the front of the subframe to the front of the Virago frame. It is necessary to remove the centerstand brackets and two engine mounts to make the lower frame crossmember clean enough to accept the saddle bracket. This is the Virago rear crossmember after it has been modified. The mounted subframe leaves plenty of room for the 4-cylinder engine.

This means the kickstand must be shortened. This closeup shows the saddle bracket in place. Also visible are the four engine mounts that we use to secure the rear of the KZ engine. The engine is held in place at the rear by a set of links and spacers that attach to existing Virago engine mounts. Here are the links and spacers shown in color that attach the KZ engine to the existing Virago engine mounts. Here is the bike with the KZ engine installed.Now before the questions come rolling in, I have already built myself some wire wheels.

I will get to that one later. Start to un plug the wiring at the back of the bike. Take lots of photos as well. Next to go was the gauges and headlight, there are a lot of wires in the headlight so label, label, label. Now its time to clean, polish and paint. This is the most boring job but also the most important to get good. I am working on making a manifold to fit up some Mikuni VM34 carbs to get the thing running a whole lot better.

Hooked up the exhaust, polished up the engine cover, replaced all the bolts with stainless steel and got the rear brake set up.

virago monoshock upgrade

Got the bendex spring fixed, a new clutch cable fitted and the gear shift sorted. Now the shift is upside down race style. That will take a bit of getting used to. Still have some polishing to do.

I have now rebuilt the brake calliper and fitted the brake lines which I need to get a shorter one as it is way to long, you get that when changing from cruiser bars to clip-ons.

Di you know you can use a coke bottle to fill your oil, funny they have the same thread just screw it in. If your after one you will have to make a decent offer on the whole bike. XV YouTube. Looks really good! We are in the process of getting these done I have some prototypes that have worked well. Watch this space. Very nice pictorial! Yes would like more information on the rear sets you used and mounting brackets!

I thought for a moment they looked too high — however second look and I really like where they are mounted. Hello, Have started on similar project. What, where did you get, what looks like the new red monoshock Thanks. Any updates on those rearset mount brackets yet? This all depends on if your using the stock front end or the R6 and how much your pushing through the fork legs. I will measure up and get back to you. Thank for your reply.

Virago 750 monoshock

I want to purchase the basic kit from your to build my 82 Virago Also, will the R6 front will lower the seat height?CNC'd from billet aluminum with a UNI filter elements sandwiched between two internal and external wire mesh grills.

The grill is available View full product details. Providing powerful lighting with both Integrated MotoGadget gauge and indicator lights. The motoscope mini The new m. It is now equipped with 12 inputs and 10 outputs, replaceable high-quality This is a complete package, you need is a donor GSXR fork and a set of rotors. Just spec the rim size you POS and Ecommerce by Shopify.

Menu 0. Featured collection. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. The grill is available in stainless or bronze. Unit is rebuild-able so that filter element can be replaced or cleaned. Clamp locking pin is used to securely mount the box to the carbs.

Add to Cart. LED Projector 6. Providing powerful lighting with both low and high beam. Connects to OE wiring harness with H4 connector. The metal housing contains two internal M8 1. Clubman style headlight also features a drain hole on the bottom of the headlight to prevent moisture build up.

Made from billet T6 aluminum. All readings can be shown in a horizontal or vertical mode. The illumination intensity is adapted automatically. Compatible to almost all original speedometer sensors 3 wire and dry reed contact.

Alternatively, an extra speedometer sensor is always contained in the scope of supply.