Prot paladin bis vanilla

Hello my name is Caspus And i'm a prot paladin. I've put in a lot of effort to make this shitty spec work and to my suprise It does work Most of the time. I've Played WoW since and have yet to have a serious break from it. Shortly after Cataclysm i've made the switch fully to private servers and continued to play Vanilla since then.

My main class is the Paladin.

prot paladin bis vanilla

It's pretty much the only class i've ever raided on. So I do what every reasonable person does and reroll warr-- Nope, I'm lazy so I respeced to prot on my paladin and since then made 39 people suffer for my enjoyment.

Joke's aside it's not that bad. Surprisingly i've cleared majority of the content vanilla has to offer as a full time off-tank for my guild.

Now don't get me wrong, warriors can AOE tank just fine We just do it better. For some guilds this can be a big quality of life upgrade. This is just one example we shine at. Even though this is considered a meme spec, the dedication to pull this off is no small feat or meme.

prot paladin bis vanilla

Accept the fact that you are not the guilds main-tank. If they want you to heal for a fight, be willing too.

If they want you to nightfall, do it. Think of yourself as the biggest support role in your guild. You're the most adaptable player in the raid currently. Don't stand around doing nothing if you aren't assigned a target. Hopefully those bullet points weren't too scary.

This isn't a spec for casual minded players. Being a full-time prot paladin was perhaps the most fun i've had during WoW but the most time consuming.

It was challenging and rewarding. You will never forget main-tanking your first boss. That is truly a special feeling and worthy of bragging rights.Forgot your password? By AediMay 11, in Paladin. Help me out and your name gets added to the list. What race should I make? Are those worth bothering with? What does that mean?

Is there a way to make it easier? Do I need to keep all my weapon skills trained up to the maximum for my level? Is it any good? Where do I get it? Where do I get them? Are they any good? How do I start the quest? Level 40! Now what's this I'm hearing about a free mount? Anything special here? So what do I do to get one of these spiky gold epic mounts? I just reached level 10 and I have no idea what to do with my talent points! Paladins can deal respectable damage, but the focus of the class is protecting others and keeping them alive.

The defining abilities of a Paladin are all defensive. Paladins can solo fairly well, but they're at their strongest in groups, where their lifesaving abilities shine.

Priests heal damage, but Paladins save lives. A Paladin is not always the main tank or the main healer, although a Paladin can serve quite well in both these roles with the right gear.

But the Paladin is always the final guardian of the party's safety. It depends on what's fun for you. If you're focused on just one role in the game -- dps, healing, or tanking -- and you want to do that and nothing else, you're better off with another class. If you don't enjoy teamwork and helping others, then a paladin probably isn't for you.

But if you want to do a bit of everything, take care of your friends, and experience the thrill of saving your entire party from a wipe with a well-timed stun or blessing, you'll probably like playing a paladin. Short answer: If you're asking the question, the answer is probably warrior. Long answer: A common misconception is that a Paladin plays similarly to a Warrior, just with healing and weaker damage to balance it out.

This is not the case; Paladins and Warriors involve very different playstyles. Warriors have a lot of interactive combat abilities they can use to deal damage, or put debuffs on a target, etc. A Warrior has control over these things; most of them happen instantly with the press of a key. Paladins are very different; melee combat for a Paladin is usualy just a seal followed by autoattack, maybe with a judgement every 10 seconds or so.

This is intentional; if you're a Paladin in a fight, you're not supposed to spend all your time pressing buttons to hurt something; you're supposed to spend your time watching your teammates to see if they need help. The button-pushing for a Paladin is mostly defensive: Healing, cleansing, blessing, stunning, shielding, etc.April 15,pm Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. This guide will cover optimal AoE off-tanking strategies, gear, and limitations as a Protection paladin in Vanilla WoW.

INTRO: To start us off on the right foot here, the most important things that you should know before going protection as a paladin are the following: 1. There are too few abilities and talents for protection paladins that can substitute for a warrior's Shield Wall, Defensive Stance, and other powerful tanking abilities. Even if you are able to gear a protection paladin with off-set warrior tanking gear for MT'ing, you will have serious issues tanking as virtually no viable tanking gear has Spellpower for building threat, MP5 for sustaining mana regen, or intellect for having a higher mana pool and spell crit.

Holy: Divine Intellect Since protection paladins are pretty big mana hogs because of spamming Consecration and Holy Shield, the extra mana you get from this talent is pretty useful to have. Improved Seal of Righteousness This can be useful for improving your threat generation when attacking single targets using the Seal of Rigtheousness buff, along with the judgement. Consecration This is an essential talent to invest a point in in order to unlock the Consecration ability.

This can greatly optimize the use of your Holy Shield ability, Blessing of Sanctuary buff, and help land more Force Reactive Disk procs. Precision Pretty useful talent to invest points in to hit things better, especially high level enemies. Toughness Wooo more extra armor. Improved Righteous Fury This is an essential talent to invest points in. Will greatly improve your ability to build threat from holy spells with the Righteous Fury ability.

Anticipation Some extra defense never hurts in order to avoid piling up those nasty crits. Improved Seal of the Crusader Optional.

Protection Paladin Tank Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

I prefer to put full points into this talent since this means I can build more threat on single targets with the Judge of the Crusader debuff. Put those infidels in their place.

It doesn't hurt to invest 1 or 2 points into this talent since it can slightly improve survivability in the long-term, but it's ultimately up to what you want.

Improved Judgement Optional. If you like casting Judgements a bunch and don't like waiting the full 10 seconds, this is for you. I don't really put points into this talent personally because that'll just incentivize me to use Judgements more often for my seals which could make me use up more mana than I have to to keep aggro on mobs.Forgot your password? It will feature exclusively raid gear as it will have the potential for the highest item level outside of weekly chest items.

Should you get pieces with Corruption on them you may want to use them even if its item level may be lower than on this list. Items from the weekly chest are guaranteed to be Corrupted. Should you receive other pieces from a higher difficulty, they are in almost all cases going to be better than the ones mentioned here.

Trinkets are listed below, as they serve vastly different purposes depending on what you are up against. All items available from 8. We recommend to generally not be raiding with much corruption above 20 to avoid spawning the Eye of Corruption.

This effect can force you to take extra damage if you are not able to move out of your current position. If you however are able to move freely, going to a higher level of corruption is safe. Even below 20 Corruption you are subject to a random magic slow effect. If your Corruption is low it will not slow you for a lot and it can be negated by casting Blessing of Freedom on yourself. It is important to note that the azerite trait Heart of Darkness activates once you are above 25 Total Corruption, which means after taking Corruption Resistance into account.

You can also play above 40 corruption should you wish to, but it will require you to be able to move quite freely as the Eye of Corruption will increase with more Corruption. Above 40 you will also spawn a Thing from Beyond, which can be completely negated by using Hammer of Justice on it. For Protection Paladins, the only item you can get with guaranteed Corruption is the Faralos, Empire's Dream and this is a great weapon dealing a lot of damage with its effect. There are currently nineteen different Corruption effects able to procc on any items acquired in 8.

Most of these also have three different Tiers of strength, the higher the tier, the stronger effect and the more Corruption per piece. Below, we will highlight some of the more powerful effects, but remember they may come with significant amounts of Corruption.

Gear from old raids or pieces that already have a socket, as well as Azerite gear, are not able to get the socket added to them. This is best used on pieces of gear you are unlikely to replace in the near future. If you get a Mythic Faralos, Empire's Dreamwe would recommend that is where you use the first Gouged EyE of N'Zoth on as you will not replace it and it is rather easy to obtain since it is from the very first boss.

For more information, please visit our Horrific Visions page. All Azerite pieces from the raids have basically the best possible Azerite traits available from the two most outer rings, including the new and rather strong Heart of Darkness trait. The raid Azerites may be lacking some of the good inner ring traits compared to those available from Titan Residuum and it is important to keep those in mind when buying Azerite gear.Forgot your password? We cover everything from the basics all the way to min-maxing techniques to optimize your survivability.

As a Protection Paladin, you can expect to perform the role of a solid and reliable tank. In general, your damage intake will be relatively smooth, with many attacks being blocked by your shield or softened by your strong active mitigation. No other tank class has quite the array of tricks up their sleeve that a paladin does. Note that this guide focuses on aspects that are specific to Protection Paladins and general tanking strategies are beyond its scope.

If you wish to know more about the tanking role and what you can do to improve, we recommend that you read our tanking guide. Protection Paladins are currently one of the well rounded tanks for both raids and dungeons. We have fair self-sustain to dig ourselves out when dropping down to low health as well as very strong active mitigation to deal with predictable damage.

We do have good tools and cooldowns to help us out during active mitigation downtimes, but if the damage is constant enough we will quickly still run out.

This guide has been written by Treckiea long-time leading Protection Paladin who competed for world first kills for 5 years. You can watch his stream on Twitch and you can follow him on Twitter. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Sign in anonymously. Sign in with Facebook.

WoW Classic.

Tankadin Guide – Playing as a Protection Paladin in WoW Classic

Diablo III. Diablo IV. Borderlands 3. Overwatch 2. Tanking Guide. Healing Guide. WoW Classic Class Guides!Forgot your password? If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area such as an inn or a capital city. Moreover, Tome of the Tranquil Mind and Codex of the Tranquil Mind can be used to temporarily allow players to change talents anywhere, as long as they are out of combat.

Note that this does not include all forms of damage, but rather only abilities that are normally blockable, as well as abilities classified as spells; some abilities that deal Physical damage can be classified as spells as well. Holy Shield is great at reducing overall damage intake, but is not something to be relied upon against big nuke damage, as you will still have a fairly high chance of not blocking.

It is recommended on most encounters and shines where the threatening damage is either magic damage or blockable non-auto-attacks since Blessed Hammer will not do anything against that. Redoubtin reality, only allows Avenger's Shield to hit an extra target. This may sound good, but is realistically not very strong. Since Redoubt increases Block Value, not chance to block, the defensive value from the extra Block is very unreliable, since your chance to block is likely low without Holy Shield.

The Azerite trait Soaring Shield works together with Redoubt and will make you hit 5 targets in total. Blessed Hammer does very well offensively and is generally preferred over Holy Shield for its offensive nature. It does not have a target restriction, which allows you to still be casting while kiting or moving, which can cause additional Grand Crusader procs to allow you to cast more Avenger's Shield s easier. First Avenger provides an increase in Grand Crusader proc frequency when tanking.

While Avenger's Shield is one of the strongest tools for AoE damage, this talent performs well in pure AoE situations, but falls behind quickly everywhere else.

Crusader's Judgment will allow you to recharge Shield of the Righteous slightly faster with more Judgment casts over time. This is advantageous if the damage intake is constantly high and you need to spread out your Shield of the Righteous casts as much as possible. Overall, Crusader's Judgment is the go-to talent defensively, and the best talent offensively against a single target. Make sure to always use your Judgment stacks so you do not end up wasting any. Bastion of Light can be considered a form of a cooldown, if you want a longer period of reliable Shield of the Righteous coverage.

It pairs well with Righteous Protector to be able to dish out a couple of Light of the Protector heals in a short amount of time, but, due to Light of the Protector being on the global cooldown, it will upset your rotation a lot. The choice in this tier is entirely up to you; Fist of Justice vastly reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice. It does, however, suffer from diminishing returns if your group likes randomly stunning constantly, and unless used often, Hammer of Justice by itself might be enough without the lowered cooldown.

It is generally the go-to talent though, since you can just throw it out every 25 seconds or so more often with Crusader's Judgment. Repentance has its uses, in cases where you want to crowd control some important add in a trash pack, or maybe an important add on a boss fight.

While a mob is under the effect of repentance, mobs have a slightly shorter body pull range, but will still pull you into combat should you get to close.

Builds for paladin tank (Vanilla/Classic WoW)

This means that if the add is susceptible to crowd control, it can be interrupted no matter how many other stuns it has already suffered. Its long cooldown means that using it requires more planning.

The first question you need to ask yourself when looking at these talents is if you need Blessing of Protection.Welcome to the first page of the guide. This page is dedicated to explaining the pre-bis list. Before you start screaming from the top of your longs Now that i've explained myself On with the guide! Dire Maul North Tribute run Enchant 3 agility.

Vanilla WoW Protection Paladin BIS Pre Raid Gear List

Lawbringer is usually very expensive, something you can get easily for free in raids. I don't advise buying them. If you can obtain them through a guild please do that. Until then use Valor. If DB is updated go for both can swap depending on situationif not just use Lawbringer.

Again Lawbringer can be expensive to buy, try and get them for free via guild or drop. Enchant 7 Stam. If DB is updated then go for both. You can swap between items depending on the situation. In most cases you will use Deathbone, for bosses that don't hit for much i'd go for Canoneer.

If Naglering is updated As shown above Go for naglering If you can't get your hands on this then go for Band of the Ogre King. Swap between these two trinkets depending on AOE packs. If you have shit luck then go for Blackguard If you can find someone to make it.

Quel is easy to get. You can swap between Ironfoe and Quel depending on the fight. Enchant Defense Weapon with Crusader. Enchant Threat Weapon with 30 SP. The same goes for Quel'Serrar, it can proc off SoR.

You will swap back to Draconian Defender once Holy Shield is depleted. I don't know if this is fixed but there is a common bug on private servers to where if you equipt Libram of Truth it will increase devo aura and then switch to Libram of Fervor and still keep the improved devo from Truth. If not then simply aim for just Fervor. I would do this on bosses such as Garr and Golmag in MC.

By simply equipping this 2 set you are adding a additional 22 defense, making MTing bosses such as Garr and Golemag that much easier.

prot paladin bis vanilla

Azurgose World Boss. Molten Core.