Dabi x reader

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Might take a bit but I am a person of my word! Requests are OPEN: The first chapter is where you write the request, be specific on the character, situation, how you want them to act, any other specifics, etc. Note: I will write anything and everything your scary little imaginations can come up with to the best of my ability and with all my effort! A collection of one-shots featuring randomly selected characters in--ahem--questionable circumstances. Characters who are already adults or aged up.

Touya never had it easy growing up.

dabi x reader

Intense training until he felt sick was all he had lived through during his younger years. He grew up distant from others and resentful of his family, all up to his teenage years. That was until he met you. You gave him this love that he craved, oh so much. That's when something developped inside of him. That love was like an addiction, which poisoned him so tenderly, destroying his heart slowly from the inside.

You understood him, that's why he knew you would understand the decisions he had to take for you. Most of these will be a modern, alternate universe. There's going to be several fandoms and a lot of it will just be ideas I have for some of my favorite characters.

Hope everybody likes bad boys. Come and join me for an adventure of daring great heroes, damsel in distress and journey towards the unknown. This is a collection of one shots to the occasional mini series with more than one part.

Most of the stories will focus on Bakugou Katsuki, but sometimes I might mix in another character I feel like writing about. Most chapters will contain descriptive smut. If it's a mini series they will be marked in p 's like p2 p3 p4 - Meaning part 2, part 3, part 4.

For someone looking into the windows of your life, you'd think they would know when to think before they speak.

Losing hopes for your dream of being a hero, you practically fling yourself onto the pavement belonging musty, worn-down rooftops. Constantly looking for something more, better than bitterly spoken words moving from the past onto cracks of sidewalks, crawling up your skin. Meeting a charred firecracker burning bodies just 9 months into your barely B-list vigilante gig, you decide that you don't know what common sense is and strike up a chat!Summary: Hostage situation and they need your help, you are then seen as having a villainous quirk so you try to get air and guess who finds you….

I was asked to write a story on this song for Dabi and this is what I came up with. Sitting in class was beyond boring, it was going on forever, Mic was talking about English and I just could not care less about the subject.

The wind moving through the trees was now the most interesting thing to me. The way the trees moved with the breeze, I could almost feel the chill on my skin, goosebumps rising along my skin and I looked away to rub my arms. Sighing I rested my head on my hand and looked to Mic who was very excited about whatever he was talking about. Why was he yelling? Someone skipping class? Looking around quickly we were all here. The door burst open and a police officer was there, red-faced and out of breath.

He looked to have been running seemed to search the room until his eyes landed on me. What have I done wrong? He pushed Aizawa and Mic ran to him to hold him back from doing something he would most likely regret. I bit my lip as I held eye-contact with the police officer. Aizawa was such a protective dad figure to all of us and I could see his fear. We need you. I had been in the field before but I had never used it. No one knew what it was exactly, they just knew I could make people placid.

I had gotten a message on the way there that everyone in the class was watching and rooting for me. I put my phone away. I was dressed in a tight suit, belt around my waist with everything I could need. Headphones over my head with a mic attached, it was simple but it was all I needed. Sighing we arrived and I went to the front where the Chief looked at me. I saw some Pro heroes here and I looked down, they had the same expression.

I looked up seeing the helicopter and then back to the building, the villain standing in one of the windows. I was brought here to save these people. Then I looked to the Pros who also agreed. Great, we were on the same page. I was quickly debriefed that the villain had a fire quirk and goes by the name Dabi.

He was trying to find someone and there was a Pro nearby so he moved to hostages, saying to let him go and they would live. I nodded, I remembered him. When showed a photo I remembered him. Bakugous kidnapping. I walked forward and was coming close to the building with my hands at my sides, I let out a breath. This was my time to show I was a hero. I could do this, I was built for this situation. My voice could go through buildings, the hostages would be fine they would be a little dizzy at most.

The windows were broken and his hand rose to attack and I put my hands up in surrender.

dabi x reader

He stilled and when I continued to walk his hand went alight and I stopped.Originally posted by demigodxtonio. He would pull on the sheets to cover them. Although your question was answered when you felt something poke behind your butt. He buries his face onto your neck, feeling his warm breath as he tried to contain his groans. He let out a low growl as he looked at you intently with a clouded gaze of lust, he licked his lips before giving you a smirk that sent shivers down to your spine.

Originally posted by osakaxkobe. Moments later, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and rain started pouring heavily. People were advised to stay within their homes for safety. How about we play video games and cuddle up on the couch? You both decided to take turns in playing.

Dabi x Listener ASMR p3 [My Hero Academia]18+

Unaware that your fingertips lightly touched his crotch causing him to jolt and get distracted from the game, causing him to lose.

Oi Dumbass, did you do that on purpose?! The kiss soon grew heated, as your hips started to grind down on his aching cock. Losing the fight for dominance as Katsuki overpowers you. Originally posted by hanae-ichihara. It was a perfect day to do recreational activities or just laze around. They could hear their heartbeats beat in unison.

Your sweet, flowery and vanilla scent that always drove him crazy. Your scent helps him calm down after a stressful day, and he loves how you remind him of home. Izuku blushed at the provocative thoughts of seeing you writhe beneath him as he makes fucks into you. Poor baby boi is so flustered and shy.

You hear Izuku gasp in surprise before biting his lip to contain his moan. You gulped and blushed. You smirked at his reaction before rubbing it up and down.The Dabi lemon no one asked for, lmao. You watched with flushed cheeks, chest heaving under the weight of your heavy heart as Dabi fiddled with the buckle of his belt. Even through the black fabric of his pants, the large bulge underneath was too distinct to ignore. And by the frantic manner in which his fingers were tugging at his bindings, you knew that he was just as excited as you were—if not more.

Finally, he pulled down his waistband, revealing his stiff, throbbing member. You stared at it in a sort of mindless awe for a few seconds, having to keep yourself from drooling at its size. You shook your head, stammering out a retort. You felt your blush deepen at his words, but were already far too worked up to even consider backing down. You could clearly see every detail of his toned chest and abs; every bulge and dip of his musculature.

Your eyes had dilated from the sheer arousal of the situation. Unable to resist any longer, you gripped the base of his shaft and took his cock into your mouth. Dabi let out a groan of pleasure, fingers tensing by his sides. You moaned back in response, taking a second just to adjust to the sensation of your mouth being so full.

Working slowly, you slid your lips all the way down, fighting back the urge to gag. You looked up at him through lidded eyes, feeling your slick drip down your legs. The gentle lolling of your tongue against his shaft sent subtle vibrating all along, causing it to twitch in your mouth.

You let out a whine of pleasure as you bobbed your head forward. Dabi was staring down at you with hungry, merciless eyes. He licked his lips ever so often, making sure to never break your gaze. You let out a sharp cry, feeling his fingers grab fistfuls of your hair. With a forceful tug, he pushed on the back of your head, guiding your face up and down his cock. Your throat erupted into a fiery burn all too soon, but the pain was one that caused chills to break out on the back of your neck.

Dabi snarled deeply, now thrusting openly into your mouth. You look so damn cute with my cock in your mouth.He could feel you holding your breath every minute he was around, for days and weeks before you finally let it out. He already knew, ofcourse he did. He was very attentive of you.

Touch Starved Boys

That and the fact that he felt like he knew it in his heart -if he had the right to say he had one- was enough. But when he put the mug down a relief like emotion washed over his features as he embraced you in the warmest hug. It actually scared him more than the spawn currently growing inside of you.

He knew you did not love the lifestyle he lived, even if he tried his best to keep you uninvolved. I could not… I love you. It needed to stop, you could not raise your child in a warzone. Much less when their father was one of the people causing it. He comforted you in his arms for what felt like an eternity. And he did indeed have a plan. Since he found out that there was a piece of him and you, full of innocence and love, he knew he wanted better for this child than the life of a villain.

He was going to protect you both with his life until his last dying breath, and that was a fact not even the League of Villains, or his own vindictive desires could ever change. At least he hoped so. Originally posted by fumikage.

dabi x reader

It was more of hookups and benefits, but he trusted you like no one and same thing with you. A child could only get in his way, so you panicked. You also had your own dreams to follow and you were both still young. He was confused alright, you never had acted like that with him so it was an unsettling feeling.

Had he just? When your mind obeyed him, he let go and as quickly as you regained control you slapped his face. And there came your tears again.The world as Dabi knew it was black and white, and it was perfect that way. In a world where people sought to find color, to find their soulmate, Dabi was completely content as he was. They were all pointless little details that had no impact on his existence.

Soulmates were the same. Did fate really expect Dabi to immediately fall in love with some random person just because the world would be set ablaze? It was hard to even notice the shifting of your world with the darkness surrounding you, and the darkness that covered the man in front of you - it all seemed to stay black. But those eyes - which immediately turned into your favorite color without you even being able to name it - promised you that this rough looking man was yours.

So why were you now laying on the cold ground, covered in searing flames of the same color of the eyes that coldly stared down at you? It burned, of course it did, you wanted to scream in agony - but his actions hurt you more than the fire ever could. With his work done, Dabi turned and walked away, taking in the sight before him. Once again, the world as Dabi knew it was black and white, and it was perfect that way.

I just want all of you to know that I now have this staring at me from my closet everyday ok thank you for your time. Pausing his game, Tomura looked over to his 3 year old daughter as she called out for him. Upon doing so, he saw the small red eyed girl wearing Father on her face - her small hands having to hold the much larger hand onto her face to keep it in place.

Tomura smiled proudly, putting down the controller and reaching out to her.

dabi x reader

So, he moved Father onto the floor and hugged his daughter tightly, crushing her into his chest as he did so. She wrapped her little arms around him as well, happily basking in his warmth. It never had been easy for Katsuki to be openly romantic with you - either his ego or his shyness that only seemed to come out around you getting in the way every time. But it turned out that chocolate was a lot harder to make than curry.

Of course there was still plenty of chocolate and other candies readily available, but he was still pissed off at chocolate and therefore wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually, after almost an hour of angrily stomping around the mall and worrying the other customers who kept seeing him everywhere, he settled on a small turtle plushie.

Panting as he stood at your door, he knocked harshly and waited for you to open it. You opened the door fairly quickly, and smiled at your obviously annoyed boyfriend. Before you could ask what was up, he shoved the plushie towards your face. Thank you Katsu!

dabi x reader

Taishirou was still half asleep - he really only woke up because he noticed that you were missing from his arms - so he slowly walked over to you at the counter where you were mixing cupcake batter and wrapped his arms around your waist and placed his head on top of yours.

It should only take maybe an hour at most. Once you were on the bed, at least he had the decency to go back to the kitchen and turn off the oven and put the batter into the fridge before coming back into the room and practically flinging himself onto the bed.

He wrapped his arms around your waist again and pulled you into his chest, kissing your temple as he did so. Of course, you had gotten a few worried texts from your friends asking if you were okay and such, and Katsuki had made sure to send you his fair share of worried texts too. Do you want me to skip class and see you?

But you checked your phone, already knowing that your boyfriend would be worried by your absence and by your lack of responding, so you went straight to his messages - smiling a bit at the multitude of texts he had sent you in hopes of a response.

You then went back to the other messages as you awaited his reply, basically giving everyone the same information so that they would know that you were just sleeping and not dead.

Katsu responded pretty quickly though, even though he was still in class. Love you! If anything, you only felt worse, your nose becoming especially stuffy while you lied down and giving you a migraine to add onto your already weak physical state.

Sighing, you decided that you missed your boyfriend and wanted his cuddles more than you cared about him getting sick. So, you texted him again.Originally posted by tocif. Over the course of the next week your relationship with Stain got worse and worse, you fought all the time and you felt like he became too controlling. It could be heard throughout the whole building and honestly, it made Dabi extremely uncomfortable.

He texted you the first time a few days ago, simply stating he was bored. A simple hi was dumb, so was everything else that came to his mind. They only stopped when he opened the door to your sad face that you tried to cover up with a big smile. He knew that look too well, he perfected it himself. You remembered how you stole that couch together when he moved in and had to chuckle a bit.

Being around him made you feel secure. You laughed, he really warmed up to you. In the beginning he was so closed off and barely spoke but the more time you spent together, the more he talked and you noticed how witty and funny he was, it was a nice change from what you got at home.

And it was what Dabi was scared of the most. Instead Dabi looked at you dumbfounded, just staring at you puzzled, he had a deadpan expression and even frowned, as if you just personally insulted him. How did he know what to say to you in such a situation? Maybe it was because it was like he imagined you saying it to him, not like he did that.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

As soon as you walked through the door, you expected Stain to yell at you again for something stupid, but none of that happened. Instead you found him asleep on the couch, looking pained even in such a peaceful state, you smiled to yourself, so that was the reason for his bad mood.

Shigaraki: laying in bed with a panda face mask that smells like watermelon on hey, burn unit, do you think having an omega has made us soft? Dabi: reclining in a chair, cucumbers over his eyes and an aloe and oatmeal clay mask on his face I dont think so, no. I like Ren because it means persistent and Kiyo means like pure water, you have a water quirk original I know. There was yet another attack on a small town outside the city, a few villains and nomus creating chaos. The League of Villains were back on their clown shit.

You momentarily glance over your shoulder and notice Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods finishing off the last nomu. Do you need to go to the hospital?

Suddenly a burst of blue fire gushes from out of a deserted alleyway and you protectively place your arm in front of the boy, moving him away from the destruction in front of you. In your moment of distraction, you can hear the roar of a fire and you quickly move to extinguish it with your cold water.

Last night you kept wanting more. Dabi is momentarily left with nothing and you wrap him in a blanket of your cold water.