Chainsaw engine rc plane

Your 1 Source for RC Models. Live chat. Your current wishlist is not saved. Please Log in to save it. NGH have become known for building quality gas engines that offer light weight, power and reliability at a very affordable price. They are manufactured and designed from scratch for model aircraft, they are not modified chainsaw or similar types of engines that have been in the past, they are purpose made. The third engine in the series; The 35cc comes with all the features of the 17 and It uses the CM6 spark plug.

The exhaust too is upgraded with two outlets reversible for inverted use with some baffling and "pepper pots" for a quieter flight. Also included are the the adjustable T mounts. CNC machined and anodized this mount is as good as it looks.

The cylinder on the GT35 can be rotated and different piston fitted not supplied as standard to make it a rear exhaust. Fantastic motor started with first flip factory settings ran two tanks 16 ounce through motor on stand then I leaned out motor flew three times runs great 40 to 1 ratio had no issues of dying beautiful transition from low to top end. I have had this engine now for about 2 years. It's a very powerful engine that runs well and is easy to tune. Mine doesn't like to start very easily hand flipping it, but fires right up with a starter.

I would recommend these engines to anybody. Airplanes "Close Cart". Helicopters "Close Cart".

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Converted chainsaw detail video

New to this forum or RC hobby? Welcome Guest, please login or register. Topic Tools Print. Plane Lover Forum Veteran. The chain saw engine will cost you about 12 to 15k depends. If you are planning to use the chain saw engine for an rc plane you are wasting your time Not for a plane but for a car. I'll fabricate most of the parts myself. Chainsaw engines should be fine for a car although i have never laid my hands on them but seen many videos online, you can get a chainsaw for in bazaar for chinese brand.

FPV guy Heli Lover Senior Member. The Engine from latest pesticide blower will be perfectthese engines have evolved a lot. Though i have tried one quite long back was bulky and major modifications required, but latest ones are quite very small neat and tidy. Note : these are very powerful and run nonstop at full throttle for hours for year long without any overhaul, this is my personal experiencewe have couple of old and new ones at my home town for pesticide blowing.

Please login or register to view them. Sandeep Bajare Ph - sandeepbajare gmail. Powered by SMF 1. What do you think of this post? December 29,PM by b4ggu. November 07,AM by ak. March 07,AM by csreddy. February 08,AM by o. July 16,PM by tonyStark.Skip to main content Model Airplane Engines. This little glow engine won't quit. Love it!!!

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chainsaw engine rc plane

One of the few rc planes I bought that actually flies. The plane comes with a stabilizer.

NGH GT35 35cc Two-Stroke Engine

The flight time on this plane is about 5 min. Very satisfied with the purchase, and I will definitely buy again. Very satisfied with Revell Visible V8. I'm 69 yrs. I knew that this model is not an exact replica of any particular engine.

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It is Revell Visible V8. However, I've always seen it as a possible representation of Chevy and by adding details like fuel lines etc and decals which are not included in the kit, it is my build. Since completing It I ordered another and have just finished building it to represent a Ford This required a lot of modifications as there are so many differences. This is one reason I have enjoyed this model engine kit so much: it is not an exact replica of any engine, so I can build it to represent whatever I want, build it and modify however I can and be proud to display it.

I had no problems at all with parts fitting etc. Great model. Very quick to put together. The Stearman Kaydet is a truly classic airplane, and Revell has done a good job of rendering it in plastic. The parts are well-made and assemble easily into a biplane. It can be painted with a blue fuselage to represent an Army Stearman or all yellow like a Navy aircraft.The complete radio control model airplane FAQ. Converting a 46cc Poulan Model chainsaw for model airplane use. This 2. Brand new Poulan Engines 2.

chainsaw engine rc plane

Converted Poulan Engines 3. As you can see, the intake port is oval shaped and the brass tube for the crankcase pressure to the carb is very close to it. I made a pattern of the intake port including the brass tube and transfered it to a piece of aluminum the same thickness as the length of the intake port.

The diameter of the aluminum is 1. Be careful here, the intake port is very thin cast aluminum and you need to make sure that you don't bear down too hard on the setscrews. The rest of it was pretty easy, I wanted the throttle arm closer the the crank centerline, so I just positioned the carb where I wanted it and used the metal carb spacer gasket to mark the location of the holes to mount the carb. Whew Next, I made a plywood spacer with the holes for the crank pressure and carb bolts.

Don't forget to give this a coat of 30 minute epoxy. Lot of work, but it can be done. Below is a photo Of Ralph's motor. On my scale it comes in at 3lbs 7 ozs I have a Dave Patrick Extra l on order that this is going in.

As you can see, he's turned the cooling fins down on a lathe, and added an electronic ignition.Exclusive Content. Two-stroke glow engines are by far the most popular engines used to power RC model airplanes.

They are relatively inexpensive for the power they produce, they are easy to start, run and maintain, and once you learn how to properly take care of them they will last for many years. Starting at the top of the engine is the cylinder head. It is bolted into place and has a threaded hole in the center for the glow plug. The area between the bottom surface of the cylinder head and the top of the piston is the combustion chamber.

The bottom of the glow plug and the platinum element can also be seen here. All model kits and ARFs have a recommended engine size range. Typically this will be something like.

You should choose an engine that is within this range, and for better climb performance you should pick an engine closer to the higher side of the range. If you have never owned or run a 2-stroke engine then some of the terminology needs to be explained. An AAC engine is one with an aluminum engine fitted into an aluminum sleeve that has been chrome plated. Most are cast in one or two parts from aluminum, though some specialty engines are made from fully-machined aluminum stock.

The conrod has bushings at each end and is connected to the piston with the wrist pin top endand is connected to the crankshaft with the crank pin bottom end. Cylinder head- the top part of the engine usually bolted into place with either four or six bolts or screws.

A threaded hole in its center is where the glow plug is installed. The underside of the cylinder head is machined to form the top of the combustion chamber. Port openings are machined in the side of the sleeves that align with the transfer channels in the engine case. The part of the engine that the piston fits into and is guided by is the sleeve. Made of brass, it has openings ports machined into it to allow the flow of fuel mixture. The crankshaft converts the up and down motion of the piston into rotation force to spin the propeller.

The opening in the middle of the crankshaft is the intake port. With most engines, the case usually has three parts: the front housing that houses the crankshaft and main bearings, the crankcase that is the main case that the cylinder is attached to, and the back plate that seals the back of the engine.

It is usually held in place with four bolts or screws and can be sealed with either a thin gasket or an internal O-ring. The crankcase is supported in the front housing with a large rear bearing and a smaller front bearing. In less expensive engines, solid bronze bushings can be used in place of the ball bearings. A prop nut and a thrust washer hold the prop securely to the front end of the crankshaft and at the rear is a large counter-weighted web and crankpin used to connect the crankshaft to the conrod.

The conrod is attached to the piston with the wrist pin and the piston fits within the sleeve, which fits into and is supported by the cylinder part of the engine case.

The head fits on top of the sleeve and the space between the top of the piston and the bottom of the head forms the combustion chamber.

Depending on the design of the engine, the piston can be sealed with either a piston ring that fits between the piston and the sleeve, or the piston can be sealed with a slight taper smaller at the top in the sleeve. This is how an ABC engine is set up. The piston is connected to the connecting rod with the wrist pin. A spring wire clip holds the wrist pin within the piston body.Exclusive Content.

Fuel tank and smoke oil tank are installed and the throttle linkage and choke linkage are also worked out. But to adjust the carburetor and select the correct propeller, this is how I do it. Sullivan fuel tank. No over-heating at all. My wife was not pleased so I recommend an old table you can use exclusively for RC stuff. The box is also very easy to remove after testing and I keep it handy in the workshop.

It comes in convenient 2. Starting procedure is: 1, close the choke and open the throttle fully. I used a digital GloBee optical tachometer to check the numbers. I really like using this engine test box setup to adjust my engines, especially large gasoline buring beasts. Give it a try. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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chainsaw engine rc plane

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