2a30 volvo

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Volvo V50 1. Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. Forum Technician. I have this car in which has been coming up with 2 fault codes turbo control - pressure too high 2a40 particulate trap- signal too high Vehicle usually goes into limp uphill or accelerating on motorway. Boost pressure is peaking at mb, desired around mb.

The diaphragm holds vacuum too. What pressure would the dpf pressure sensor flag a fault? Posted Thursday, January 28, PM. What mileage is it on? Dpf on those is a 75k replacement part. Posted Friday, January 29, AM. I do have my suspicions about its quality but wanted to prove it. Particularly the 90 degree bend where it enters the top of the dpf looks very flattened to me and may be restricting flow?

Posted Friday, January 29, PM. Forum Master Technician. Can you get any live data for DPF loading, or maybe a figure for the pressure differential? Personally I doubt if a bend in the exhaust could be sharp enough to give a DPF fault code, a fault with the pressure sensing system or a genuinely blocked filter seems far more likely.It's been a long time coming. Volvo has kept software under wraps for a long time, but has finally made it public.

Hope this helps those of you in the ECM swap process. This was earlier.

P242F – Diesel particulate filter (DPF) – restriction/ash accumulation

Benefits for this feature are several:. To erase, follow these steps:. ECM is now "virgin" and can now be swapped with another vehicle or used later. Sometimes the car may start, even though the "erase" SW has been downloaded. This is no error, and it will still be possible to do a ECM reload in another car.

2a30 volvo

It does read that way, but I'm currently seeking advice from someone more knowledgable about this. I've talked with Lucky about this. He knows how to change the immobilizer code, so that it is blanked. I've got 2 spare ECU's for cars, and Lucky told me that he can use those to clone another car, or so the owner could have a spare ECU if s he wanted. Did you ever get any more information about this? I'm sorry I don't have any new information at this time.

Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted June 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That's great! Just trying to understand this statement from the bulletin Posted June 16, Posted September 28, Posted September 29, Posted October 2, Fix the error 2A30 quickly and favourable with autoaid.

Our diagnostic tools as well as our automotive experts will help you in finding the cause of error and assist you with the best repair solution. Depending on the diagnostic tool that was used the error 2A30 can be displayed in different formats. All ECUs, read and clear fault codes, service reset, sensors, actuators, special functions.

Toggle navigation. Error code 2A30 conversion. Component inspection procedures 6 Chassis: adjust front camber Chassis: adjust front foe Chassis: adjust rear camber Chassis: adjust rear toe Air conditioning: check refrigerant condition Air conditioning: check refrigerant pressure.

Chassis: adjustment data for wheel alignment Lighting: bulbs Air conditioning: operating fluids Brake system: operating fluids Engine: operating fluids Steering system: operating fluids Transmission control: operating fluids Inspection: replacement intervals Air conditioning: test values Brake system: test values Electrical system: test values Engine: test values Exhaust emission test: test values Fuel preparation: test values Tire pressure control system: test values Brake system: tightening torques Chassis: tightening torques Engine: tightening torques Steering system: tightening torques Tire pressure control system: tightening torques Transmission control: tightening torques Chassis: wheels.

Airbag: airbag Airbag: airbag control unit Airbag: crash sensor Electrical system: fuse box at dash board right Electrical system: fuse box at engine bay left Diagnostic connector: location of diagnose socket Electrical system: location of fuses and relay box Identification: paint number Electrical system: position of ground connections Steering system: power steering Air conditioning: service connection.

Fault code quick search: convert fault code Air conditioning: fault code actuator Brake system: fault code brake light switch Chassis: Rattling noise on front axle.

Trailer hitch: plug connector allocation for trailer hitch 13 pin Trailer hitch: plug connector allocation for trailer hitch 7 pin Brake system: wiring diagram ABS Air conditioning: wiring diagram air conditioning Airbag: wiring diagram Airbag Transmission control: wiring diagram automatically manual transmission Bus system: wiring diagram CAN-bus Engine: wiring diagram cooling fan Diagnostic connector: wiring diagram diagnose socket Brake system: wiring diagram ESP Steering system: wiring diagram power steering.

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Volvo - C30 - DPF, Reduced Power, Codes P244A P2454, info

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This system is more commonly thought of as a catalytic converter however, it actually traps small soot particles and holds them until they can be heated up, burned and turned into ash. This is the self-cleaning process that is part of the system controlled by the PCM. Under light load driving, the system may tell the driver to change driving characteristics in order to keep the DPF from becoming full of soot.

If not, eventually the PCM will derate the engine reduce power until the soot in the DPF is reduced, thereby reducing exhaust backpressure. This code tells us that the exhaust temperature coming out of the turbo charger is not high enough to support the burning off of the soot in the DPF. This burn off process is also known as regeneration.

Volvo V50 Oil Reset

Correction requires DPF replacement. First, take a look and see if there are any technical service bulletins TSB for your particular vehicle. Next, see if there are any other diagnostic fault codes. Diagnose current faults first, in the order in which they are stored. Misdiagnosis occurs when this code is diagnosed when it is a stored code, especially while other codes are active.

If these codes are present, diagnose them before attempting to diagnose the PF. If your scan tool is unable to reset the regenerative timers, you will need to seek out a qualified, trained automotive diesel diagnostician.

Before the DPF is to be replaced you should also make sure that:. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A minha questao sera perguntar se posso colocar algum aditivo para me ajudar a limpar o filtro a particulas antes de substituir? Eu sempre utilizo o diesel ultra porque dizem ser o melhor para manter o sistema do motor mais limpo. Gostava que alguem me podesse ajudar, obrigado.

2a30 volvo

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My S40 with Regarding fault tracing VIDA states, that at Idle the differential pressure should be between hPa, it was 1 hpa, untill I fixed a leaky hoose to the sensor, now it is 2 hPa. When I rew the engine no loadit can rise to approx 40 hPa. Can anyone help me with some reference data for comparison, about the differential pressure at idle and at high idle with no load, e. Has anyone else discovered a degraded and leaky hoose to the pressure sensor? I think it is too early that is shows signs, that it can not stand the heat.

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Jul 8AM Post 1. Pressure And Temp.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 CliffE Original Poster 3 posts 68 months. I have a C30 1. I could reset the fault by turning off the ignition for a few minutes. After a week or so with no warnings the random sequence started again. I found resetting the codes seem to suggest DPF not a consistent fault. I checked the pipes to the sensor fixed to the battery box and by accident found the C clamp round a heater hose for the twin hose clip is actually in two parts.

2a30 volvo

Having separated it meant the hoses were bending at the point they leave a mid section metal hose section. I guess car speed etc where the hoses sit in front of the radiator would make it an erratic pressure to bend the pipes and affect the sensor flow. Tie-wrapping the pipe work solidly in place didn't fix the problem straight away. Reset faults and they reappeared. Finally sorry getting the reduced power warning fault clear and realising the Regen must not have been happening on my many weekend trips bristol-Liverpool before the reduced power came back and going straight on the M5 for 25 mins at revs 70mph ish in 5th gear I stopped and after turning off the ignition and back on again the EML light stayed out.

My earlier fault problem may have contributed to a deterioration of the sensor. Press the side of the electric connector and slide this from the sensor body, then use pliers to ease the two rubber hose clamps back along the hoses mark them front and rear before removingundo one posidrive screw holding one side of the sensor backplate and pull at a 'push-fitting' black plastic holder on the other end.

Put the new sensor on the backplate, refix the hoses, fix the sensor back to the battery housing, reconnect the electric plug.

Volvo compatible OBD2 and ELM327

Simple, cheap fix of a very well known problem with these engines I have learnt. I did not replace the hoses, but had bought a length of petrol hose and new clamps in case more work on the sensor fault was needed.Volvo Owners Club Forum.

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